Solar Street Lights

Stand alone Street Lights

  • Solar stand alone street lights do not require any connectivity with the grid and there is no man power needed to switch ON/OFF regularly
  • There is no grid connectivity needed, these lights can be erected any where we need
  • Because of its independent operation this becomes very useful in villages located at thick forests, hilly areas and also in remote place where there is no electricity
  • Stand alone street lights play a major role in urban areas by replacing the conventional street lights and there by reduces the demand for grid power
  • It also useful in lighting path ways of educational institutions, hospitals, place of worship and also in common markets

Centralized Street Lights

  • In this system power to the street lights are supplied through a centralized Solar power generating system
  • The lights used for this system are normal AC lights which are connected with UG Cables
  • No electricity power needed
  • Timer is provided to ON/OFF the lights automatically
  • We can also automatically switch OFF alternate lights in the late night
  • Already existing street lights can be connected with this system
  • This is well suited for locating street lights under shaded places