Company Profile

Dev Solar is a manufacturing company concentrated in manufacturing of solar power generating system established in 2011. In solar we are not stopped our business mere selling solar products. We are one of the leading solar system integrator and providing solar power solution to everyone who needs alternate power due to acute grid power shortage in our country. Our solar module manufacturing unit has the plant capacity to produce more than 10MW solar modules per year. We are enlisted by TEDA and MNRE for solar system Integration.

Absolute essential... globally...

To overcome the widening gap between demand and supply in electrical energy generated using conventional know how, the right alternative is only to go in for renewable energy!

Our Green Methodology

Towards achieving this, we have come out with a state of the art factory which produces photovoltaic modules, heart of the system, which converts solar energy in to usable electrical energy.

Quality Policy

  • Dev Solar committed to manufacture, deliver the solar power system at quality and comprehensive range of products and solution provider to enrich the nation at affordable cost.
  • To provide distinctive and innovative technology in solar power system to enhance the customer satisfaction and overcome the challenges of nation's power shortage.

EMS Policy

Dev Solar provide a safe, healthful workplace, protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources.

  • We shall protect the environment, conserve energy and natural resources through control of significant aspects of our operations.
  • We shall comply with applicable legal and other requirements related to our environmental aspects.
  • We shall develop maintain and improve the operations and technologies by minimizing waste, other pollution and dispose of wastes as per regulations.
  • We shall achieve this EMS policy through environmental objectives and targets which will be reviewed periodically.
  • This documented EMS policy is implemented and communicated to all employees and contract labours.

OHSAS Policy

Dev Solar is committed to have all its operation safe and protected against all hazards affecting occupational safety & health of its employees:

  • To create and develop such working conditions and environment which are conducive to safety & health of employees.
  • To make our process free from accidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • To work in an organized manner to make continual improvement in the area of occupational safety &health.
  • To make objective based efforts for reducing unsafe and unhealthy work practices/conditions.
  • To educate/train our employees in the area of occupational safety & health and make continuous efforts to create awareness among all concerned on the subject.
  • To comply with all the application legal & other requirement/regulation and to cooperation with the authorities concerned.