• Solar Power Plants
    ON Grid Power Plants       
    OFF Grid Power Plants      
    Utility Size Power Plants   
  • 2 MW Solar Power Plant
    Near Coimbatore
  • To energize individual houses on the roof top
    Domestic Utility Roof Top Plants
  • 100KW On Grid Systems

Our Product Range..

Solar Modules

We produce PV modules in different ranges varying form 6 volts to 24volts depending on end customer's...

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Solar OFF Grid Systems

This system will be well utilized applications like domestic, hospitals, data centers and also in educational..

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Solar Pumping

Solar power will be comfortably produced between morning 8 AM to evening 5PM in good sun shine day. So the pump can be run..

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Marching ahead with solar solutions...

Dev Solar specializes in providing high-performance, eco-friendly, cost-effective solar solutions for commercial, government, institutional and tactical military applications. We provide the latest in renewable energy and energy efficient lighting technology to produce durable, commercial quality solar products for mainstream applications like portable solar and solar/wind off-grid power solutions, solar LED & induction outdoor lighting and installation services for commercial solar power and solar energy generation. With energy costs on the rise, and demand for power rising you have a choice that will not only be a part of the solution, and you can lower your cost with solar power!

Gallery Infrastructure Certificates Resources
  • Our factory is located close to the National highway as well as to Airport, which makes us logistically positioned well to handle out operations.
  • Constructed on a vast 10 acre plot with a covered area of nearly 50,000 sq ft which makes the entire production line to operate smoothly.
  • Production floor is well laid out to meet international standards and our Production lines are flexible enough to adopt quick change over, which is essential to meet out our customers requirement with minimal lead times.